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Digital Marketing
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Digital MarketingFID:   (First Input Delay)

Also called Interactivity, this Core Web Vital represents the usability of the page, it measures the time it takes to the browser to respond to a user’s first interaction with the page, like clicking on a button. Google deems Interactivity as good when the FID is inferior to 100 milliseconds.

Digital MarketingFeatured Snippets:

You probably noticed them before but you simply didn’t know they were called Featured Snippets, or maybe you call them answer boxes. This specific type of search result appears in a box on top or Google’s organic results and below Google search ads. The name comes from the fact that it is an actual snippet of a website's content so that users don’t need to click on a search result to get the information they want. It can take the form of a simple paragraph, a list, a table, or even a video.

Tech Shizzle WizzleDigital MarketingFacebook Pixel:

This is a piece of HTML code that allows you to track your website visitors using cookies.

FOMO:   (Fear Of Missing Out)

Originally, FOMO is a psychological concept which represents the feeling that others are basically living a better life than you, and that you could be doing something better. Social media in particular is a real problem for some people as it intensifies this feeling. As a result, marketers cleverly started using “FOMO marketing” in order to encourage people to jump on an opportunity before it’s too late. FOMO marketing techniques include offers with a deadline, limited editions products, showing stock levels.